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Myrrh Medicine

Oracle Intuitive Intake and Custom Herbal and GemStone Bundle!

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You are ready for a shift.

You know you need (and want) to feel all the feels, but actually FEEL quite stuck;)

You'd like a guided tour into how Traditional East Asian Medicine + the PolyVagal Theory & the vagus nerve + alchemical healing + the latest in science (epigenetics and quantum theory) can meld into a holistic healing practice downloaded for you.

(And let's define 'downloaded'...I use this term because it's not just my "intuition" that I am accessing when I go into a session with you. It's my own years of experience as a facilitator and my capacity to channel the input of your Higher Self, but also the wisdom and archetypal legacies of 2000+ years of traditional medicine and Taoist Philosophy.)

You want to dip your toe into Alchemical Healing and want to do this with someone who is here to listen and love and willing to walk beside you, not above you.

This is a trauma-informed sacred container created to honor the Difficult Emotions of Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Guilt, Grief, and Shame, as well as the messages from the Wisdom Within You.

This Oracle Intuitive Intake is a gift from Universal Consciousness.

1-You'll begin by filling out your Intake form and providing a quick cell phone photo of your tongue and face.

2-You'll next schedule your 45 min Virtual session with Dr. Lacey Dupre.

3-You'll receive a Facial Symmetry Assessment (a mini Face Reading session) and we'll go over your Intake.

Face Reading is part of Traditional East Asian Medicine and is considered a lost art. Taoist Philosophy as well as Holistic Medicine require that we look at the whole person, this includes the face and tongue, the way their voice sounds, and their Dreams. Dr. Dupre may also ask about any recent dreams and analyze them according to archetypal elements relevant to her diagnosis. 

Using her 10 years of experience plus her intuitive guidance, she'll open your doors of perception, allowing you to see past beliefs and habits that may be holding you back and ways to move forward.

During your Session, we'll do an exercise together to help move your stuck Qi to further expand you -  into YOUR potential. You will quantum leap into the future version of yourself. 

4-You'll receive a custom herbal formula chosen specifically for your issues.

At the end of your session, she'll recommend a custom herbal formula that will be shipped to your door.

Your custom herbal formula and shipping is included in the price.

5-You'll also receive a custom tonic formula crafted for your Constitution from a blend of flower essences, gemstone elixirs and oils from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This tonic spray is meant to be used to bridge the physical, emotional, spiritual and subtle body that has become disconnected due to environmental stressors and internal disassociations. 

No where else can you find the melding of ancient, archetypal essences, Traditional Chinese Medicines and Alchemical Herbalism for a complete and conscious formulary made just for you and your path.

You'll use the spray as a divinatory tool: spritz your open mouth and closed eyes before bedtime or meditation and as a radical self-care tool: spritz your face and chest to start the day with courage (Courage is Fear met with an open Heart) and loving awareness.

6-Finally, You'll receive a Stone called upon to work with you + instructions on how to craft your own gemstone elixir.

You'll welcome your gemstone into your life as a trusted guide, carry it for a few days on your person to begin to relate to the stone. Stones are considered living entities in Traditional East Asian Medicine and Taoist Alchemy. You can sleep with the stone as well as meditate with your stone.

Gemstone elixirs are the simplest way to work with gemstones. It only takes water and moonlight. They are meant to guide us and bring their intelligence and gifts into our beings at the cellular level.

Once you make your elixir, you can use it to:

  • drink
  • to wash your face or hands in a purging or cord-cutting ritual
  • to water your garden or plants
  • to anoint yourself before making love, meditating or a having a difficult conversation
  • to bathe in

...just to name a few. Gemstone elixirs are the most safe and efficacious ways to use your gemstones


I am honored to offer you this Session + accompanying herbal and gem guides.