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So, why add Infrared to your Acupuncture sessions?

Well, sweat carries cortisol (the stress hormone) and when stress builds up in the body, we need to get it out either via the tears, by crying, or via the pores, by sweating.

When we have a build-up of cortisol, not only do we feel terrible, yell at our loved ones, and find it impossible to lose weight, but we also have a greater likelihood of adrenal insufficiency.

I talk to you all about Sympathetic Overload - and how our sessions together bring us into Parasympathetic Dominance.

The autonomic nervous system has two distinct expressions: sympathetic dominance (fight or flight/survival) and parasympathetic dominance (relaxation, rest and digestion).

The way out of Adrenal Exhaustion is being in parasympathetic dominance.

  • Infrared sauna therapy creates an atmosphere where the body can find relaxation, therefore allowing the adrenal glands to take the bench and no longer produce necessary hormones involved in stress response.
  • In addition, infrared sauna therapy is a powerful detoxification protocol and allows individuals to free the body from internal stress by ridding it of harmful pollutants.
  • Further, the mitochondrial response to infrared wavelengths heightens energy conversion in the body and redirects the blood flow to the digestive tract, cellular regeneration and improved circulation.
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